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What's the difference between a server, a host, and a client?

A server -- also known as a "master" -- is the backbone of your multiplayer session. All of the connected players communicate through the server and the server tells all of them what to do.

A host is a special client that helps direct the basic flow of the game through the server. The host decides when the mission starts, ends, as well as the basic settings and requirements.

A client is all other connected players with no special abilities.

There are two special cases for server and host:

  1. A standalone acts purely as a server and the first client connecting to a standalone will be the host.
  2. When you create a server from the games screen you will become both the server and the host.
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What ports are required by the game?

All supported games use the UDP protocol. Hosts and clients should not require port forwarding to work properly. Only servers are required to setup port forwarding.

Descent: FreeSpace requires port 4000. Although another port can be specified, the game will always require that servers are available on port 4000.

FreeSpace 2 Demo requires port 7802. Although another port can be specified, the game will always require that servers are available on port 7802.

FreeSpace 2 requires port 7808. Although another port can be specified, the game will always require that servers are available on port 7808.

FreeSpace 2 Open by default uses port 7808, but it can use another port if specified. Additionally, FreeSpace 2 Open supports automatic port forwarding where available.

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What is a standalone server?

A standalone server is a version of the game that only acts as a multiplayer server. Standalones run for long periods of time and are usually operating on networks with fast internet connections which makes them optimal for playing multiplayer games.

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I still need help, where can I go for further assistance?

If you require assistance with PXO services you may get in contact with an Admin by any of the following means:

Please be prepared to provide your PXO account ID, available at the top of your account page, and/or the email address for your account.

For general assistance with any of the supported games you can try:

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What does it mean when you say retail,, FSO, etc.?

Retail refers to an original purchased copy of the game, be it the old CD-ROM/DVD release or the newer releases available on Steam and GOG. After Volition released the source for FreeSpace 2 in 2002, community projects were formed to port, upgrade, and/or improve their beloved game. For most of these projects the retail game data is still required.

The version refers to the multi-platform port that was done after the release of the source code and which is hosted on The version supports Windows, Linux, and OS X, as well as having an Emscripten port of the demo which is playable on the PXO website. Work was also done to make it compatible with the retail Descent: FreeSpace version and data, however it is not network compatible with the retail version. Although the version contains many upgrades and fixes, it is intended to remain as close as possible to a straight port of the retail version.

FreeSpace 2 Open (or FSO for short) is a community supported project formed after the source code was released with the goal of upgrading it take advantage of the capabilities of the newer computers and allow for advanced modding features. It forms the base of an extensive modding community that has created many amazing mods, total conversions, and standalone games, some of which are officially supported by PXO.

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