By using the PXO service you are agreeing to these terms. Any questions or comments regarding our policies should be directed to pxo@nottheeye.com.

Terms of Use


By registering for the PXO gaming service you agree that your account is solely for your own use and will not be shared with others. Users found to be sharing their accounts will have those accounts terminated.

Abuse of service

Attempts to disrupt the normal operation of the PXO service by hacking, service interruption, cheating, or other means, will not be tolerated. When traced to a registered account, violators will face suspension or termination of their account.

Abuse of persons

Abusive and/or hostile actions directed towards other persons through the PXO gaming service will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, abusive language or threats directed at other persons due to age, race, religion, or gender.

Suspension and termination of account

Determining whether any of the above rules has been violated is at the sole discretion of the PXO operators and admins.

Account suspension will result in the inability to play PXO games for a period of no less than 7 days. Longer suspension times are at the sole discretion of the PXO admins. Any attempt to bypass account suspension will result in the immediate termination of all related accounts.

Account termination results in complete deletion of all data related to an account as well as a ban on that user from creating a new account. Attempts to bypass this ban by any means will result in the immediate termination of all user accounts believed to be involved.


What we require from you

When you register for the PXO service you are required to provide an email address and, optionally, a nickname. You are also required to provide a password for access to this site. Although your password is stored securely, it is recommended to use a unique password for this site. Your display name is used to identify you on the site and does not need to be your real name. Your email address, password, and nickname can be changed at any time in your account settings.

As a free, community-run service, we will never ask for any sort of payment or financial information from you.

How we use your information

We use your email address to uniquely identify your account, as your login, and to contact you for validation of your account. Your email address will not be visible to anyone else on this service. Your nickname, if provided, will be used to identify you in SquadWar and may be used on the Leaderboard.

Some features of the site, such as account validation and SquadWar, may require contact with you via email. Where possible these features will be opt-in and require your specific consent in order to email you. You may also be contacted if required for support or administration purposes.

We will never sell, trade, or share your information with other sites or services.

If you create a game server, in-game or standalone, your IP address will be made available to other game players and may also be made available on this site. This will last only for the duration that you run your game server.


We make every attempt to keep your information safe and secure. Access to your data is strictly limited and stored as securely as possible.

Please be aware that the games supported by this service do not transmit information in a secure manner. As such your login and password for these games are automatically generated for you when you register. These generated credentials can not be used to access your information on this website.

Server logs

When you visit this site or use any of the game services, your access is logged. This information can include your IP address, email address, account number, as well as the time and date of access. Use of the in-game chat lobby may include additional logging, such as the content of your chats. These logs can exist for approximately 90 days before being deleted. If administration or security related issues require it, these logs may be kept for more than 90 days.

External links

This website makes use of links to external resources. We have no control over the content or privacy policies of these resources.


How we use browser cookies

When you log in to the site a browser cookie is created to identify you. This cookie lets us know that you are a registered user and allows us to provide you information specific to your account, such as your pilot stats. The cookie does not contain any personally identifiable information, just a randomly generated ID which is invalidated when you log out. This cookie is not used to track or monitor you.