SquadWar FAQ

What is SquadWar?
The basis for SquadWar is that organized squadrons should be able to conquer and defend regions of space. SquadWar allows multiplayer squadrons to challenge other squadrons for control of territory in the universe. SquadWar is and organized form of team vs. team multiplayer gameplay. PXO servers will maintain a list of registered squadrons (each has a name, a password, and a list of members) which will be managed by users through a web page. Squadrons will fight it out, via team vs team missions, for control of sectors. The PXO database will keep track of which squadron controls each sector.
How do I play SquadWar?
First, you need a valid copy of a supported game. Supported games are Descent3, Descent: FreeSpace, FreeSpace 2, and games based on the FreeSpace 2 Open engine. Second you will need to obtain a valid PXO account. This can be done by registering an account via the PXO web site and validating your account details.
How do I join a Squad?
A Squad Leader must give you a unique join URL. This special URL is limited by time and number of uses. Following this URL will allow to you confirm that you wish to join the Squad in question. Once confirmed you will be added to the Squad's roster.
How do I create a Squad?
Simply log into the PXO website, go the SquadWar dropdown, and click on "Squads" from the list of available actions. Click the "Create" button and fill out the required information. Your Squad will be created pending review of the Administrator.
What are Leagues and why don't the league maps contain nodes that we're familiar will from the FreeSpace series of games?
Leagues are individual "games" of SquadWar. Think of a SquadWar League as something similar to a bowling league, basketball season, or club event. Your team can participate in multiple Leagues at the same time. The individual League maps don't exist within the rules of the FreeSpace universe. The current FreeSpace node map is way too limiting to create a single league, much less multiple leagues. A SquadWar league map needs a least three node connections from every system other than an entry node in order to provide the most amount of fun and ease of territorial expansion.
How do I join a league?
Click on the action "Admin Squad" once you have logged into the PXO site. Log into your Squad and you will be given the option to sign up for a league. You must have two members on your active roster before joining a league.
How do I enter my Squad on a map?
First, log into the PXO site. If your Squad has joined a league, click on the league name from the list of active leagues. Find your Squad's name on the list of Squads in the current league and click on the link. This will take you to the Squad Info page. From the Squad Info page, click on the Squad Name again to log in as that Squad. Using the "admin password", you will be taken to a new page which shows detailed league information for your Squad. A link, "Enter the Map" or "Challenge Entry Node", will appear on the page. If "Enter the Map" is available, you can pick which system you want your Squad to start in. For best results, choose an Entry Node close to another Squad. If "Challenge Entry Node" is available, you can challenge another team for control of the Entry Node they currently hold. Choosing the "Challenge Entry Node" option will generate a match code.
My Squad is already on the map, how do I challenge another Squad?
First, log into the PXO site. If your Squad has joined a league, click on the league name from the list of active leagues. Find your Squad's name on the list of Squads in the current league and click on the link. This will take you to the Squad Info page. From the Squad Info page, click on the Squad Name again to log in as that Squad. Using the "admin password", you will be taken to a new page which shows detailed league information for your Squad. A link, "Pose a Challenge", will appear on the page. Following this link will take you to a page which shows all the systems you can currently challenge. If you cannot challenge a system adjacent to systems you currently hold, a brief explanation will be given at the top of the page. If your team can pose a challenge, a form will appear. Choose the option you wish to pose a challenge for and submit the form. This will generate a match code.
What is a Match Code?
A match code is a specific ID number which corresponds to a SquadWar event. When you pose a challenge, a match code is generated. Write this match code down. If you have your Squad's "admin password" you can view your current match codes by looking at your Squad's detailed league information. You will use this match code when playing a SquadWar match in a supported game on PXO to play the match.
How do I play a SquadWar match?
At least two members from each squad must be present for a valid SquadWar match to occur. All Squad participants should log into PXO and one Squad member should host the match. The host must choose "Team" missions from the list of valid PXO missions and click the "SquadWar" button on the top left of the host screen. When the host "commits" to the match, he will be prompted to enter the match code. The host will enter the match code for your match to continue. When the mission is over, PXO will update the SquadWar map information.
My connection isn't as fast as everyone else I play with, is that fair?
Obviously people with faster connections will have an advantage and a faster reaction time. There's nothing we can do about this. If you have a poor connection and feel like you're at a disadvantage but still still want to play, you might want to be a bomber. You can be a very valuable asset to your Squad as a dedicated bomber.
How do I schedule a SquadWar match?
In order to track the process of matches and to insure matches are resolved in a timely manner, a match scheduling system has been created to coordinate the process involved in scheduling a match. If you are a Squad Leader you can reach the scheduling page by clicking on the "Matches" button availabe on your Squad page. The instructions are fairly simple:
  • A team creates a challenge.
  • Phase 1:
    The challenging team visits the schedulingpage for that match code and proposes two times for that match to be played.
  • Phase 2:
    The defending team is notified by SquadWar that the initial proposed times have been created. The defending team then sets the battle parameters for the match. The battle parameters are the missions, number of pilots, and whether or not AI is present. The defending team also proposes one alternate time for the match on one of the two days suggested in the initial proposition by the challenging team.
  • Phase 3:
    The challenging team is notified by SquadWar that phase 2 has been completed. The challenging team then picks the final match time from the two times offered by the defending team.
  • You play the match at the scheduled time, or request an extension from the SquadWar Administrator.

Please schedule all outstanding matches as quickly as possible.

How many players must be present for a match?
At least two members from each Squad are required to be present during a match. Both teams should agree in advance how many will participate when the match is set up. If you agree to a four on four match and the other team only has two players show up at game time, the "short" team has to play with two players, and the "full" team can option to play with all 4 players on their squad if they are present. The "full" Squad can agree to play with less if they choose, but they aren't required to play with any less than they agreed to.
Who should host a SquadWar match? Does the host set the limitations, respawns, locations, and other parameters of the game in the multiplayer area?
Again, you should agree in advance what the specific rules for the match are, and what mission will be used. The defending team can insist upon the three parameters available through the scheduling system: mission, number of pilots, and the use of AI pilots. Additionally, the preference to host goes to the defending/challenged team. Both teams should try to agree on a neutral server such as a PXO stand-alone server. If they are unable to agree or find one, the defending/challenged team has first choice of stand-alones. If a stand-alone cannot be agreed upon, the defending/challenged team has priority of hosting. Please note that any additional match rules must be agreed to by both teams. If they are not agreed to by both teams, then the default rules apply. For example, if both teams agree not to use a certain type of missile, it is acceptable as long as both teams agree to it. However, the defending team cannot force the attacking team to abide by this extra rule just because they are on defense. If you feel like a team is taking advantage of this rule, please write the SquadWar Administrator with the match code and a full description of the incident.
What should the difficulty level be set to?
The difficulty level for all Team vs. Team matches is forced to "medium".
Does the Squad Leader need to be present at every match?
No, but you should inform at least one person who plans on participating what the match code is.
We just played a SquadWar match and everything updated properly, but our match code is still displayed. What is going on?
After your match is complete, PXO waits a few minutes before moving and deleting the match code. Please be patient and the match code will be moved to the match history information after a short period of time.
How do I set my team color?
If you are a Squad Leader or Co-Leader, choose the "Edit" action for your Squad. Here you can change the details of your Squad including the color.
Our SquadWar match ended, we didn't receive notification that stats had updated, but everything updated properly, what happened?
Chances are one of the clients lost contact temporarily with the server at the end of the match. PXO was made aware of the game state when the match ended and since it couldn't contact the missing player, that attempt to contact "timed out" causing the stats to update as normal.
Will we be able to have our own squad logo appear on the SquadWar web site with our squad information?
Yes, a squad logo can be added by the Squad Leader via the "Edit" Squad action. Requirements for the logo, including image type and size, will be listed there. However, all squad logos and changes to those logos are subject to approval by the SquadWar Administrator before they will be shown on the web site.
I still haven't found the answer to my question. Who do I contact?
Send your question to  pxo@nottheeye.com