New standalone servers now available

Standalone servers provide a way for players to enjoy their favorite missions without having to deal with the technical aspects of port forwarding or firewalls. Simply join a standalone, set your options and mission, and invite your friends to join in the fun!

Though rather limited in quantity at this time, the servers are operating in high performance data centers in Europe and the United States. Retail FreeSpace 2 is available at all locations whereas the FreeSpace 2 Open servers can only operate in limited numbers and will rotate among popular mods on occasion. These servers will always try to run the newest available mod versions and recommended stable multi builds to give you the best multi experience.

The FreeSpace 2 standalone servers run the newest available git source version from the FreeSpace 2 project. These servers are fully compatible with the GoG and Steam versions as well as the original retail release.

FreeSpace 2 Open requires a high level of available server resources depending on the mod so their number is quite limited. The mods in use will change from time to time based on demand and an effort to mix things up.

We hope the availability of these standalone servers will help players that otherwise have difficulty getting a multiplayer session up and going, or that just don't wish to deal with the technical hurdles of setting up a game.