About SquadWar


The basis for SquadWar is that organized squadrons should be able to conquer and defend regions of space. SquadWar allows multiplayer squadrons to challenge other squadrons for control of territory in the universe. Squad War is an organized form of team vs. team multiplayer gameplay. PXO servers will maintain a list of registered squadrons (each has a name, a password, and a list of members) which will be managed by users through a web page. Squadrons will fight it out (via team vs. team missions) for control of sectors. The PXO database will keep track of which squadron controls each sector.

Please note that these rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Administrator.



Mission Types and Match Resolution



A squadron can only challenge for a node that is adjacent to a controlled node. If it is occupied, then that team is challended. If it is unoccupied, then an adjacent team must also challenge for it. See example:

A may challenge B for node 2, or D for node 5.
A may challenge B or C for node 3.
A, B, or C may not challenge D for node 3. (D has no adjacent nodes)

Entering the Fray

Exploits and Cheating

Any attempt to use exploits, cheat, hack, or alter the intended SquadWar experience or web site will be considered illegal and will be dealt with at the administrator's discretion.