PXO Validated Missions

Here is where you can grab any/all validated user-made campaigns and missions. Remember that any mission can be played over PXO, but in order for PXO Pilot stats to advance, it must be a validated mission. All Volition-made missions included in the game are validated by default.

Descent: FreeSpace Missions

To install missions/voice files, download the ZIP files and unzip them into your \FreeSpace\data\ directory. If you use WinZip, make sure you have the "Use folder names" option ON.

Validated FreeSpace Missions

FilenameSizeMission NamesAuthorsValidated
UserMissions1.zip19 KAmbush
The Meeting
The Morning After
Jason Attard
Dec 9, 1998

Optional Voice Files

UserMissions1voice.zip913 KVoice files for UserMissions1.zip

FreeSpace 2 Missions

There are new FreeSpace 2 multiplayer missions available for download. These missions have been validated for play on PXO. Unzip locally and place the following files into the data/missions directory of your FreeSpace 2 folder:

  • M-01b.fs2
  • M-02b.fs2
  • M-04b.fs2
  • M-05.fs2
  • M-06.fs2
  • M-07.fs2
Enhanced Missions:
  • M-01b (All Alone 2) - Players: 8. Alpha wing must destroy the Nosferatu, a Moloch class Shivan Corvette. Max respawns 12.
  • M-02b (Forward Edge Battle Area 2) - Players: 8. The GTVA must prevent the Shivans from using a jump node. Max respawns 10.
  • M-04b (Rebel Intercept) - Players: 8. Alpha Wing tries to hold off a rebel incursion at the Regulus Jump Node. Max respawns 10.
  • M-05 (Initiation) - Alpha and Beta must destroy the Belphegor and its fighter escort. Max respawns 10.
Original Missions:
  • M-06 (Corvette Rescue) - Players: 4. Rescue a damaged GTVA corvette in the nebula in the face of stiff Shivan opposition. Max respawns 10.
  • M-07 (Vasudan Assult 2) - Players: 8. As members of an NTF battle group, you encounter a Vasudan destroyer and must destroy it. Max respawns 5. Recommended respawns 3.

All text is present in these missions, though some messages and briefings or debriefings do not have an accompanying .wav file.

Missions M-01b, M-02b, and M-04b are enhanced versions of multiplayer missions originally included in the game. The overall difficulty level of each has been increased and each of them now includes several new twists.

Mission M-05 is an enhanced version of the cooperative multiplayer mission originally available with the FreeSpace 2 demo.

Missions M-06 and M-07 are new multiplayer missions featuring original content by Brad Johnson of Volition, Inc.